Since working with the oxygen advantage method myself for around three years, I decided to dive deeper into the material and become an oxygen advantage advanced instructor!

The course was very exciting, insightful, scientific and practical thus fulfilling all the expectations to the maximum. I could learn right away from the founder and CEO Patrick McKeown. Patrick is based in Ireland and the course took place online in April 2023.

Now I am not only able to use more specific techniques when I need them – for example for up- or down regulation and changing of states – furthermore I am qualified to show these techniques to clients from all sorts of fields: professional athletes, business people, health and performance oriented people, conscious and active people, chronic ill and health seeking people and everyone else who is interested in the magnificent world of the breath and who wants to bring ease and effortlessness to their breathing!

Why OXYGEN ADVANTAGE is my solution of choice when it comes down to a holistic approach on breathwork training, you can find here