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Alongside with enjoying her son’s first months of life, she started the youtube channel “redefining tennis” with her partner and became a breathing coach.


Julia became a mother in October of 2022 and took a break from the tournaments. That same year, she got trained as a vision coach and is the co-founder ofVision Garden, a vision program for tennis players. That year, she also became fluent in Greek. 


As 2021 rolled in, Julia faced ongoing difficulties and restrictions. She spent three months competing in tournaments in Turkey, persevering until the middle of March. Some of the highlights of the year included reaching the finals in Heraklion in Singles and competing in two doubles finals, emerging victorious in one of them.


The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges, including a lockdown and the cancellation of the entire tennis tour until September, along with the suspension of the Bundesliga in Germany. Julia made her comeback in September, participating in tournaments and concluding the year on a high note by achieving success in doubles, particularly in Turkey. She remained committed to staying fit and healthy, focusing on her practice whenever possible.


In 2019, Julia Kimmelmann resided and practiced in Frankfurt, Germany. During this time, she established new business connections and had the opportunity to work with her coach, Rameez Junaid, starting at the end of 2019. However, towards the end of the summer, she faced a setback due to an injury.


In 2018, she achieved notable success in doubles. Teaming up with her English partner, they secured victory in two ITF tour titles (Bucharest in June and Baja in July). Additionally, a third doubles win was achieved in Dublin, Ireland (August). Her journey took a new turn in September as she embarked on her first trip to Australia to partake in international tournaments. Beyond the tournaments, she seized the opportunity to join a tennis club in the northern region of Melbourne, becoming an integral part of their team in the prestigious “Premiere League.” Throughout this experience, she engaged in high-caliber matches and drew strength from the camaraderie of her teammates.


Juia played her first season in the first Bundesliga for TK BW Aachen and has been an integral part of the team ever since. 


In October she took the third place at an international tournament in Ismaning (near Munich) and she also won doubles with her partne 


Eventually, her return to the competitive arena materialized as she participated in her inaugural national-level tournaments in January 2015. Progressing through the months, she achieved a significant milestone in the autumn: her first post-injury final on the international stage in Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy. 


From a sporting perspective, what followed was the most challenging period an athlete could face: an inflammation in her right knee joint led to her temporary exclusion from active tournament participation, initially without a defined timeline. 

Throughout this time, there was an enduring belief that a swift recovery was imminent. However, the reality was different, and the unforeseen delay prevented her intended move to the Bundesliga club TEC Waldau Stuttgart in the 2014 season, a commitment she had embraced in the autumn of 2013. 

This interval turned out to be exceptionally prolonged. Adjusting to life without the intense routines of competitive sports became a gradual process. Though not fully removed from the field, she engaged in other endeavors during this time. The support of an exceptional team, which included the medical expertise of Dr. Carsten Radas and the unwavering encouragement from dedicated individuals, was instrumental in fueling her resolve to embrace the challenges ahead. 

From the summer of 2014 onward, she embarked on a collaborative journey with her athletic trainer, Till Sukopp. Guided by his expertise, she embarked on a methodical journey of physical rehabilitation and growth post-recovery.


In 2013, Julia experienced an immensely productive preparation phase and launched the year with fervor. Remarkably, within just a month and a half, she clinched consecutive victories in both singles and doubles finals – first at the ITF in Stuttgart Stammheim and then in Kaarst (both in January 2013). Notably, she also advanced to the semi-finals of a higher-tier tournament, the ITF $25,000 in Grenoble, France. Her triumphant streak culminated with her third tournament title (ITF in Leimen, both in February 2013), achieved within a remarkably short timeframe. 

Beyond the triumphs, this period of victory ushered in a substantial accumulation of world ranking points, leading to her highest ranking achievement to date: WTA position 350. 


Embarking on a journey of achievement, Julia’s resolute efforts on the ITF tour bore fruit. Amidst the spirited atmosphere of RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, her club during that period, she secured her maiden title before a supportive home crowd during the summer of 2012. This victory marked a significant milestone in her career. In the subsequent months, the wave of success continued, culminating in another notable achievement: reaching the final in Loughborough, Great Britain, in October. 


Spring heralded a significant milestone as Julia cleared her last Abitur exam at the Gymnasium in Aachen. With her high school diploma secured, the absence of academic obligations lent a more relaxed aura to her tournament travels and training. This pivotal juncture ushered in a newfound chapter where she could devote herself wholeheartedly to her sporting pursuits, unencumbered by the dual demands of education. 


In 2009, at the age of 16, Julia embarked on her journey into the professional tennis circuit, amassing invaluable experience and gradually ascending the global rankings. During the same year, she ventured to Stuttgart as an observer of the prestigious WTA tournament, the “Porsche Cup.” The subsequent year saw her return, this time as an active participant, armed with a wildcard. Progressing into the final eight of the qualifications, she savored the unique ambiance of the “big tour” for the first time, a momentous experience that injected her spirit with renewed vigor. As the year unfolded, she achieved another significant milestone: her inaugural appearance in an ITF tournament final in Akko, Israel. This achievement further fueled her determination and aspirations. 

2005 - 2009

Shortly thereafter, she crossed paths with her longtime coach, Robert Orlik. Under his guidance, she immersed herself in the daily routines of professional players. Following this, a team transition led her to RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, where she initially competed in the regional league before progressing to the 2nd Bundesliga after achieving further promotion. 

During this period, she achieved remarkable success in both national and international youth tournaments. Notably, she secured the German championship title multiple times in both singles (2009, 2010) and doubles (2007, 2010). Expanding her horizons, she also had the honor of representing the German national team in esteemed competitions like the European Cup (Junior FedCup) and the European Championships, signifying her exceptional growth and achievements. 

1993 - 2005

Julia’s roots trace back to Aachen, the starting point of her athletic odyssey at TC GW Aachen. In her youthful years, she seamlessly integrated into the women’s team competing in the top echelon of the Tennis Association Mittelrhein (TVM). A defining moment arrived with her triumphant feat at the Detmold youth tournament – an achievement that crowned her as the victor in the under 12-year-olds category at the unofficial German championships.


Date of birth

12 October, 1993

Place of birth

Bonn, Germany

Height & weight

1,79m & 79kg

Pro since


Playing hand

Left hand


Rameez Junaid

Best ranking

WTA 350, double 310

"tennis is a personal development journey"